Eating San Francisco

There are so many wonderful places to eat in San Francisco that I often wish I was a bottomless pit. As I’m not, I’ve devised a strategy that works well for me. It involves my husband Richard. He eats, I taste. It’s perfect. Here are a few of the places in San Francisco I tasted today.

Plow in Potreo Hill serves up breakfast and brunch to happy diners. If you go on Sundays, be prepared to queue up. There’s always a line thats worth waiting in.

Four Barrel Coffee

Named one of the coolest coffeehouses in the country by Travel + Leisure magazine, Four Barrel roasts their own beans in this vintage German roaster.

Bi-Rite Creamery

Handcrafted ice-cream with flavors such as Toasted Coconut, Roasted Banana, and Orange Cardamon, make Bi-Rite a San Fran favorite.

“We make all of our ice cream by hand, in small batches, on 18th Street. In the bak­ery adjoin­ing our ice cream kitchen we make every­thing that goes into our ice cream, whether it’s brown­ies, peanut brit­tle, marsh­mal­lows, or the snick­er­doo­dles for ricanelas! We have lots of home­made top­pings to jazz up your ice cream includ­ing almond tof­fee, gra­ham crack­ers, and spiced pecans to name just a few of the most pop­u­lar (and don’t for­get to ask for our deca­dent home­made hot fudge to top it off!)”

Straus Fam­ily Cream­ery, only 45 miles away, deliv­ers all of the organic milk, cream and eggs for our recipes. Our salted caramel, roasted banana, honey laven­der, and other fla­vors draw lines that wrap around the block!”

To be continued…



Eat your Vegetables


One Michelin Star 2010
One Michelin Star 2011

I stumbled upon Ubuntu in Napa, California, two years before they were awarded their star. I don’t remember where I first heard about the place, but I knew I had to try it sometime. Ubuntu is a vegetarian restaurant like no other. When I took my son there and told him it was strictly vegetarian, he grew wide eyed. But after our dinner, he said it was one of the best meals he’d ever had. Their young chef Aaron London, is truly gifted and his story is quite interesting.

After getting in trouble with the law at age 14 (he’s vague on the actual incident), London began cooking to kill time while under house arrest. Then something clicked. His food was so good that his probation officers, whose visits were supposed to be a surprise, would call ahead to give London a heads-up so he could fix them a snack.

“I’ve always been super high-energy,” he says, “but before cooking I didn’t know how to express myself. By the time I got out of my room, I was hooked.”

The loquacious London, born in the Sonoma County town of Graton, routinely bicycles 60 miles before work and enjoys his weekly hamburger. At first, his personality seems at odds with the painstakingly plated dishes he serves at Napa’s Ubuntu, a vegetable restaurant whose menu is riddled with unusual ingredients such as “sunchoke dirt” and “kohlrabi noodles.”

2011 Rising Star Chef: Aaron London
March 13, 2011|By Sophie Brickman, Chronicle Staff Writer of SF

1140 Main Street
Napa, Ca.


Since 1979 Greens has been serving up fine vegetarian fare in it’s waterfront location at Fort Mason in San Francisco. They were pioneers in establishing vegetarian dining and elevating it to a fine dining status.

Ricotta Corn Griddle Cakes

Fig and Melon Salad

Grilled Eggplant Sandwich

Fort Mason
San Francisco, Ca.