Maple Baked Apples with Dried Fruit and Nuts

An old-fashioned dessert with a modern twist. This recipe, adapted from Claudia Fleming, the former pastry chef at Gramercy Tavern in NYC, is sweetened with maple syrup and loaded with dried fruit and nuts. A delicious and guilt-free dessert with the flavors of autumn.

6 servings
Preheat oven to 375F

1/3 cup brown sugar
3 T. chopped dried cherries
3 T. chopped dried figs or apricots
2 T. chopped sliced toasted almonds
2 T. chopped toasted pecans

6 firm baking apples like Cortlands, cored and unpeeled
3 T unsalted butter cut into 6 pieces

1/2 cup apple cider
2 T. maple syrup

Mix the brown sugar, dried fruit and nuts together in a small bowl.

Cut a little off the bottom of the apples so they stand nicely.

Remove the core, but don’t go through to the bottom.

Using a melon ball cutter, cut away some apple to make room for the filling.

Place the apples in a baking pan and stuff the tops with the fruit and nut mixture. Place a piece of butter on top.

Mix apple cider and maple syrup together and pour into the bottom of the baking dish.

Bake the apples, basting with the cider mixture occasionally until the apples are tender, 25-35 minutes.

Transfer to a serving platter and cover with foil to keep them warm while you prepare the sauce.

Pour the pan juices into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Simmer until sauce becomes syrupy, then pour over apples before serving.


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