How to Build a Wood Burning Oven- Part Two

At this point the oven is completely functional, but clearly not very attractive. We considered several finishing options before deciding on ceramic tile. This decision meant that we needed to purchase a wet saw to cut the tiles, a purchase that made me very happy. I was envisioning all of the places in the house that Richard could tile. But first, let’s see what kind of job he does on the oven.

Mixing the adhesive
Laying out the tile
Troweling the thinset adhesive
Setting the tile
Cleaning and sealing
Grout applied
The last step is to paint the dome of the oven. While this terra cotta color is fine for Santa Fe, it doesn’t quite cut it in Ohio!
Taped and ready to paint. Oh please don’t rain!
The first thing we are going to burn in this oven are these jeans!
At long last, mission accomplished
Looking good. I can just smell that pizza!

Part Three- Let’s Get Cooking!


9 thoughts on “How to Build a Wood Burning Oven- Part Two

  1. Oh, and a second thought… I think Richard did a great job with the tile. You will probably want to wait to burn those jeans. Aren’t there some other tile projects that need doing?

  2. The oven looks great, for Ohio or anywhere…The tile design looks very Frank Lloyd Wright.
    When will the pizza be served?

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