How to Build a Wood Burning Oven- Part One

At times, my husband Richard can be a little over the top. When the new Italian restaurant in our neighborhood failed to deliver on it’s promise of serving authentic wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, he decided to take matters into his own hands. “Let’s build our own pizza oven” he said. Having been married to him for many years, I knew he wasn’t kidding. But I was skeptical. How often would we really use an oven that sits outdoors, when we live in Ohio? I’m talking a lot of snow! But he assured me we would use it often enough, and described all the wonderful dishes that we could make in it. Eventually I succumbed, and it wasn’t long after that the UPS man was wheeling a large wooden crate up our driveway from Forno Bravo.

The steel base is assembled

Crate with the oven

The base is covered with backer board and a firewood box is formed. Now it’s time to mix up 600 lbs. of concrete for the oven platform. Are we having fun yet?

Pouring the 600 lb. top

With a little help from our friend Linda, who by the way, did an excellent job!

The oven dome is in place and wrapped with 3″ of ceramic insulation

Applying the base coat of stucco

And the final coat

To Be Continued….


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