I’m taking off my apron for the next 2 weeks. I arrived in Aspen, Colorado on the 4th of July, with my husband and dog in tow. We’ve been frequent visitors to this little gem of a town for the past 10 years, and although Aspen is famous for being a world class ski resort, summer is my favorite time to visit. The blue skies, abundant sunshine, and cool mountain air, compliment the natural beauty that is Aspen.

The other day we set off on my favorite trail. Hunter Creek is a picturesque 3+ mile hike, with twists and turns, bridges and rushing water everywhere.

Starting out nice and easy

The creek is flowing

Getting steeper

And rocky

Until finally the trail levels off

We walk through Aspen groves

And see a bridge to our left

It’s looking promising

Until finally, the view!

There were beautiful wildflowers

And huts. This was the training camp for the 10th Mountain Division, which fought in the mountains during WWII.

One of the huts

Interior View

Time to head home. What a great hike it’s been!


7 thoughts on “Aspen

  1. Thanks for the lovely share…Your picture storytelling felt like I was right on your shoulder…What beautiful country to clear your lungs and mind…xo, D

  2. Looks like an amazing journey all in one day. If I ever get to Aspen, I’m going to plan to do this hike. Breathtaking!

  3. love the huts story (or … “history”!). The view from the window reminds me of the Alps
    one day I’ll be there

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